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March 29 [Mon]

  • 12:00-

The Forefront of the Anime Industry: Analyzing the Anime Industry Report 2020

  • Contents:

    This session will follow the trends of anime and related markets based on the Anime Industry Report.
    Mr. Hiromichi Masuda, the editorial director of the Anime Industry Report, will join us to explain the current state of the Japanese anime industry and its future prospects, including the businesses development in Japan and abroad, overseas expansion and the possibility of international co-productions.


    Hiromichi Masuda [Anime Industry Researcher Advisor, Video Market Corporation]

    Profile:After graduating from Hosei University in 1979, Hiromichi Masuda joined the then Kitty Records. Later, through Bronze Publishing, he became the president of Madhouse. After leaving in 2006, he joined Video Market Corporation where he has been a director ever since. He has experienced a wide range of content businesses, including music, publishing, and animation. His publications include "Anime Business ga Wakaru" (Understanding of the Anime Business) and “Digital ga Kaeru Anime Business” (The Digital Reshaping Anime Business) by NTT Publishing, as well as “Anime Business Kanzen Guide” (The Complete Guide to the Anime Business) by Seikaisha, and “Animation Yougo Jiten” (Dictionary of Animation Terms) by Rittorsha.

  • 15:00-

Anime Collaboration: To Connect Creators, Companies, and Customers

  • Contents:

    How do we incorporate the characters and worldview of anime into the collaboration projects and create a connection with the customers? Representatives from TANITA Health Link, Isetan Mitsukoshi, and Tatsunoko Production will talk about "why collaborate" and "points to consider in anime collaboration", based on their own examples.


    Shunsuke Nakajima [Tatsunoko Production:Deputy Director, Content Business department]

    Profile:Deputy Director, Content Business department of Tatsunoko Production Company, Ltd..
    Shunsuke Nakajima was born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1983, and joined the Tatsunoko Production in 2016. He has been in charge of domestic licensing sales for Tatsunoko Production works including "Yatterman" and "Gatchaman". In addition, he served as an associate producer for "The Genie Family 2020" which aired last year, having supported the business development of the new animations.

    Yuki Yonai [TANITA HEALTH LINK, INC. Operating Officer・Director Healthcare Services Department・Executive Producer]

    Profile:Yuki Yonai joined then Konami Co., Ltd. (currently Konami Holdings Corporation) in 2001.
    He was involved in planning and development in the Amusement Development Department (for arcade products). He later became a director of the exertainment division, which was established when the company entered the healthcare business, and worked on products that combine videogames and fitness. He later served as producer of the e-fitness division at Konami Sports & Life and also as director of the e-amusement division at Konami Digital Entertainment.
    In 2014, he joined TANITA HEALTH LINK, INC. as a producer, and has been in his current position since 2016.

    Reiji Mori [Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Director Media Art team EC・Media Promotion Division]

    Profile:Joined Mitsukoshi, Ltd. in 1994 (currently Isetan Mitsukoshi).
    Since launching the EC site in 1996, he has been engaged in more than half of his career in non-store commerce departments such as catalogs, TV, and EC. Experienced in a wide range of activities from infrastructure development to actual site operation, such as building EC sites, mail-order distribution centers, and call centers. From April 2020, he plans to make a full-scale entry into the media arts field, builds a team, and is in his current position.


    Ryota Fujitsu [Anime critic]

    Profile:Ryota Fujitsu was born in Shizuoka in 1968. He began writing about anime in 2000. His major publications include "Bokura ga Anime wo Miru Riyuu -- 2010s Anime Jihyo" (Why We Watch Anime -- 2010s Anime Review) published by Film Art, Inc., and "Anime to Senso" (Anime and War) published by Nippon Hyoron sha co.,Ltd. Also works as a part-time instructor at Tokyo Polytechnic University animation school.

March 30 [Tue]

  • 10:00-

To bring Anime to the world

  • Contents:

    Looking back on the overseas business Aniplex has been involved in and talk about the challenges in the future.


    Hideki Goto [Aniplex Inc. Deputy President]

    Profile:In charge of overseas business, domestic program sales at Aniplex.

  • 12:00-

Observing the “Evangelion": A Diversity of Secondary-Usage Business

  • Contents:

    Since the 1990's, anime has been gaining popularity among the general public and has become an established culture through media mixes and multimedia development. In recent years, the use of anime in products and companies has become more diversified. Since its release in 1995, "Evangelion" has greatly raised awareness of anime, and the recent "New Theatrical Edition" has increased the number of examples of innovative character usage. In recent years, "Evangelion" has seen an increase in the number of groundbreaking cases of character usage. We asked GroundWorks, which promotes the development of various secondary uses of "Evangelion", about their character strategy.


    Yasuhiro Kamimura [GroundWorks: C.E.O]

    Profile:Representative - GroundWorks Co,ltd.
    Yasuhiro Kamimura has been involved in the production of independent films with Hideaki Anno since his college days, and since 2001 has been in charge of the licensing business at GAINAX, which produced the TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion. In 2010, he launched GroundWorks and supports khara, Inc. in their production of "Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition" from a copyright management standpoint.

    Tadashi Sudo [Journalist/ Appointed professor, Japan University of Economics Graduate School,Entertainment Business Institute]

    Profile:Tadashi Sudo is a journalist who was born in Mexico and raised in Yokohama. He has been involved in news and research on the visual business with a focus on animation. After working for a brokerage firm, he established the information website "Anime! Anime!" in 2004. In 2009, he launched and served as editor-in-chief of the anime business information website "Anime! Anime! Biz". In 2016, he left “Anime! Anime!” to become freelancer. His major publication is "Dare ga Korekara no Anime Business wo Tsukuru no ka? (Who Makes the Future of Anime Business?)" by Star Seas Company.

  • 15:00-

Anime Business: How Do We Live Through COVID-19?

  • Contents:

    What impact did the spread of COVID-19 pandemic have on Japan’s anime production and business? We will discuss the anime strategy in the age of With-Corona and Post-Corona from the production and business perspectives.


    Shinichiro Inoue [KADOKAWA CORPORATION Chief Anime Officer]

    Profile:Born in 1959, Tokyo. After serving as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Animec (Rapport), he contributed as Deputy Editor-in-Chief to the first issue of Monthly Newtype. Entered The Television Co. in ‘87, where he served consecutively as editor for women's magazine Chou Chou, Monthly Shonen Ace, and Monthly Newtype. Joined on as Representative Director of Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. in 2007. Currently supervising general affairs for all animation-related content as Representative Director Executive Officer Chief Anime Officer (CAO) for KADOKAWA CORPORATION.

    Koichiro Natsume [KADOKAWA CORPORATION Animation Group Strategic Adviser/ Aniplex Inc. Supervisor/ AnimeJapan Organization Vice Chairman]

    Profile:Having served as chairperson and president of Aniplex from 2006 until 2016, he has worked on a large number of animated properties. He currently serves as Strategic Adviser of the Animation Group for KADOKAWA, Anime Division Director of the Kadokawa Musashino Museum, supervisor for Aniplex etc.
    Being a founding member of AnimeJapan, he still is involved in the operation of the event.

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